Bags were due out early for our longest flight between the islands, 50 minutes, from Kauai to Hawaii. A temporary moment of concern hit when I heard an unnatural sound in my room and realized I packed my alarm before it went off – – – which of course was now in full voice all locked up in my case. Breakfast in the hotel and our bus whisked us off to the airport where the x-ray machine showed my fold-up umbrellas as a possible machine gun and had to be examined. Once in the terminal, I saw Marilyn and Cheryl waiting also. It was a beautiful day and a smooth flight to the coast of Kona, and the many pictures taken of the islands from the plane were very clear.

Arriving at the Kona airport was like a moon landing on a volcanic rock. The airport is unique and looks like a comfort stop along a mainland highway. Heat was stronger here than any place we’d been. After checking into our hotel, I went exploring the nearby grass shacks and historical sites, then sunned on the still-quiet cove. The large outside pool bar served delicious exotic Chi-Chi’s and had live musical entertainment.

That evening I got down to serious shopping and found cut out coin pendants for the group and T-shirts for everyone. Hawaii was one of the best islands for shopping, and had the friendliest people, was the most varied for touring, and the Kona Coast was where I had the most fun. After a later snack in the coffee shop at the hotel, where my waitress disappeared (and was never found before I left), it was back to my satin pillowcase for rest for two days ahead.