After my day of rest I awoke early but confused as the Good Morning America Show was forecasting the weekend weather. It took a while before I realized that this quiet little island got their Friday news on Monday. The late late show also starts at 10 PM. Having no dinner that evening before, I had a ravishing appetite and put away a big breakfast at the hotel. Afterward, a more thorough shopping spree in the nearby shopping mall and the purchase of a gold charm holder for my own remembrance.

Then another quiet day of sun and a long walk on the beach with even more sunshine than the day before. I couldn’t suppress a chuckle when a sound-sleeping gentleman was awakened abruptly when one of the high waves came in and covered him like a blanket.

That evening Cheryl and Marilyn came over and we went to Buzz’s Restaurant for the best meal of the entire trip. Our waiter was a young man from California and recommended the fresh Hawaiian fish Ono just caught that day. It was charcoal broiled and the best fish I’ve ever eaten. A unique salad bar made it a perfect meal with bowls of ripe avocados and all the trimmings. After dinner we went to the disco at the Islander, then a late beach walk, then said our farewells as they were leaving for home the next day.