Weather: Hot, sunny, clear
Place: Cruising to Miami

Our last day. How could it be over so soon? We started out with another fantastic gourmet breakfast in the dining room -- smoked salmon, banana pancakes, fresh coconut pastries. My mouth was watering for the coconut Danish, but they'd all been taken by the time I was served. Tony obliged his “Flower” by swiping one off another plate. As he was passing out sweetrolls at the next table, Ed reached across the table to help himself. Tony promptly removed the basket from his reach, reprimanded him, rapped his knuckles, and told him to wait and be served properly.

After breakfast the last wonderful massage, lunch on the Veranda, an afternoon of sun worshiping, filling out customs claims, and an afternoon champagne birthday party on the deck with Kay and Ed and their friends. Back to the cabin for late afternoon packing. Luggage had to be outside state rooms by 11 PM to be picked up for airport delivery Saturday morning. An hour before dinner a knock on our door brought in Ed with a generous serving of Chevas Regal. Of which I took out on our deck, and cried into at the thought of it all being over. But soon it was starting up all over again.

After our delicious "America the Beautiful" dinner, we rushed back to our room to get into our Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter costumes. We gathered in the Midnight Sun lounge then proceeded to the South Pacific lounge for judging, where we left with a first place trophy for most artistic costume. We then paraded with the rest of the group into the My Fair Lady lounge where we were introduced. We received a nice welcome from our fellow Californians. After changing out of our costumes we returned for the talent contest which was in progress.

A memorable stroll on the deck was followed by a wild Auld Lang Syne demonstration and chain dance all through the lounge. Our friend Kathy couldn't contain her glee which resulted in a diaper change for her. We joined Kay, Ed, and group for the midnight buffet. Then the Gregorys and Martins and I joined Tony and Emmanuelle on the crew deck for a farewell champagne party. From there we adjourned to the Midnight Sun lounge and danced and partied till 3 AM. Hal entertained us with his limbo talent. Before leaving the lounge I ordered cognac to keep in reserve for my 6 AM coffee and sunrise.