Weather: Hot, sunny, clear
Place: At Sea to Miami

Two glorious days remaining on board. Expecting a big ocean appetite, we had an elegant breakfast in the main dining room, then another champagne party on deck in celebration of the Martin's anniversary. After a massage and a few purchases in the ship’s gift shop, it was onto another great lunch in the dining room --- lest we get hungry! The afternoon was spent poolside and on the sundeck where games were in progress and we were entertained by the steel band.

That evening during the first dinner seating, the Martins, Gregorys, Ed, and we gathered in the Viking Crown Lounge. We had the whole place to ourselves and it turned out to be a riotous party. Burt, the bartender, sat down with us and Ed mixed the drinks. I tried mastering Tony's tray on head feat. It was a fun time and a beautiful sunset. Then on to the Captain's Gala Champagne Dinner, gaily decorated with balloons. We joined Tony and Emanuelle for a chorus of "for he's a jolly good fellow" in tribute to "complaining Ed"! After taking our orders, Emmanuelle asked Irene if she was sure she was through ordering one of each. It would save additional trips to the kitchen -- as he’d learned from past experience. We lingered over a terrific meal and Emmanuelle performed his balloon stunt, while Tony showed us a napkin trick, finally getting us out of the dining room so they could close up. We went to the “South Pacific” lounge for a terrific All-Star Variety Show.

Then as the clock struck twelve, with cameras in hand, it was back to the dining room for the Big Captain's Gala Buffet. The most abundant and impressive spread of food specialties my eyes have ever seen. Even though we barely finished our huge meal less than two hours earlier, we had to indulge in a variety of these luscious dishes. There was nothing to keep us from a sound sleep that night.