Weather: Hot, sunny, clear
Place: Miami, Florida

After only a couple hours of sleep it was cognac coffee on deck at 6 AM. A beautiful sunrise as we pulled into the port of Miami. While the ship was being cleared by customs we gathered in the dining room for the “Last Fabulous Meal.” We had our sad farewells with friends and crew, and upon request Tony had left each of his “Flowers” his name tag by our plates. After checking our bags through customs we boarded a bus for the Miami airport where we waited two hours for our chartered United Airlines flight back to Los Angeles. After boarding it was announced there would be an open bar all the way (for those who could stay awake) and only one seating for lunch. The most popular area of the plane was the forward “john.” Three toilets broke down on flight, and with an open bar the 280 passengers had a long continuous line down the aisle.