Weather: Hot, sunny, clear
Place: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

After an early breakfast of sweetrolls at the Veranda Cafe, we left the ship at 8 AM for a city tour. We took a beautiful drive up the mountain stopping at Bluebeards Castle which is now used for honeymooning couples. Everything is "in the round", rooms, beds, etc., symbolizing the round wedding band. By 9 AM we were sipping banana daiquiris at the Mt. Top Hotel 1,400 feet above sea level. The views of Magen’s Bay were breathtaking. At the conclusion of our tour at 10 AM, Jim returned to the ship for sunning. I stayed downtown until 4:30 for all the bargain shopping. Except for a brief stop for a cake with Kay and Ed in an outside café, I walked all day to the point of exhaustion. Carrying all my packages, except for the liqueurs, which Ed helped me select and the shop sent to our ship.

I caught a taxi and rushed back to the ship just in time for my much-needed 5 PM massage. The masseuse said my muscles were tight as knots.

Revived once again, we had drinks on the deck while we sailed out of port. Our “Caribbean Night" dinner was festive with all the waiters putting on a show. Tony was the hit of the evening balancing a huge tray full of flaming exotic drinks on his head while walking around the room for over half an hour. Then dancing in My Fair Lady Lounge, an entertaining floor show, and a midnight stroll on the deck.