We breakfasted early at the hotel and boarded a bus for the Maui airport, where we went through a customs search of all our luggage. On the way to the airport, I finally saw one of those beautiful Hawaiian rainbows arched over the sugarcane fields. A short Aloha flight to Honolulu where we used our 1 1/2 hour layover to purchase fresh leies to take home. It was the first time since Los Angeles that I had to present a ticket to the ticket agent for a boarding pass. All that had been done for us by our agent. I requested the same seat I had on my trip over and was delighted to find it was available.

I was also delighted with my seat companion for the next five hours, even though at first I had my doubts as he plopped down in T-shirt, jeans, sandals, and a dozen crumpled dogeared magazines. He is a 31 year old 60’s radical Berkeley graduate, who has become conservative in many ways. Rolling his own cigarettes was not one of them, however. At present, he’s a magazine writer and actor. He’s done 31 TV shows and just did a screen test for a lunatic part in the sequel to “Cuckoo’s Nest.” I told him he was perfect for the part. He’s been a jack-of-all-trades, including football player, English teacher, and gravedigger. He was constantly correcting the Captain’s English. He gave me his peanuts because they are junk food and bad for the body, while he drank his beer! He got my frozen dessert, and we shared the soundless film in the first class section through a space in the curtain with our heads together. He was the most interesting person I’ve ever talked with, having so much knowledge on so many subjects. We never stopped talking the whole flight. Our plane landed in LA on time at 9 PM - three hours time difference. Jay was at the airport port to pick me up, but I picked up the tab. He didn’t have any money to put in the meter and there was a $5.00 parking ticket on the windshield. After a $1,500 trip, what’s another $5.00. I must admit that I did almost lose my suntan when I picked up my developed pictures and the bill came to $72.

But it was all worth it. A wonderful trip with only one flaw - it ended too soon.