After taking a few pictures around the hotel, I headed to the beach for my last day of Hawaiian sun. About 11 AM, a girl was out rounding up a group for a catamaran sail at noon, next door at the Sheraton. Not being able to resist a boat ride, off I went forty minutes later. It was a beautiful sail along the Maui coast on a brand new vessel that was really comfortable - and no splashes. I met a couple from Hong Kong who were visiting California and Hawaii for the first time. He was originally from Sweden and she was from Florence. I couldn’t keep from admiring her beautiful figure. She was mid fifties with a golden tan and trim body sporting a brief white bikini. I asked her secret, but wasn’t surprised to find out she’s a rich lady of leisure who plays tennis daily and has massages regularly.

Beer and wine flowed freely on the three hour sail, and huge “poor Boy” sandwiches were provided. Paul, the guy who had all the snorkeling gear aboard, instructed us on how to use it when we stopped in a cove. This cove was not as beautiful as the one in Hawaii, but nevertheless, an enjoyable experience.

Another enjoyable experience was Paul himself. He sat with me most of the trip and we talked and danced and had a great time together. In a discussion of different kinds of champagne, he commented that champagne made him horny, but I replied with, “you either are or you aren’t!” It took a lot of willpower to resist his offer of my kidnapping him for the rest of my last day in paradise. I simply told him I didn’t have a ransom note typed up.

Back to the beach in front of my hotel, I was quickly brought out of my melancholy mood by the man who joined his wife sitting next to me. He was fully dressed and straddled a long beach lounge to sit down. He sat on the wrong end, toppling back with his legs in the air. We were all laughing so hard, it took him a few minutes to get right side up.

After a shower and picture taking session of my last Hawaiian sunset, I went to the restaurant to meet other members of the group for a farewell dinner. While I was waiting, the singer from the Tiki Room came over and sat down. He wanted to take me to the Royal Lahaina to their disco when he got off at nine. I told him I’d let him now. I asked Lani about him at dinner, but she didn’t endorse him, so I was going to let it drop. On our way out, it was rather hard to avoid him, so I passed by and he stopped in the middle of a song and said over the microphone “Goodnight June”! Lani and I went to the disco bar after dinner, but didn’t stay late because the singer found our hiding place.