Mykonos, Greek Isle

Awaking at 9 AM, I found a note that Jim was already sunning by the pool. I went to breakfast, then to a briefing on Mykonos and Rhodes. Afterwards, I stayed in the lounge and played bingo with Rusty and Bill --- unsuccessfully, of course. After lunch in the dining room we boarded tender boats to tour the Greek isle that is quaint, all whitewashed, and clean. A local bus took us from the pier to the downtown shopping area. We walked the maze of little lanes with boutiques and waterfront cafés. At one point, it was like being in the house of mirrors and we couldn’t find our way back. I bought a pair of cotton slacks and hand crocheted blouse --- white of course. I had not taken long pants, and a woman who worked in the gift shop said I would need them when I rode the camel in Egypt. I told her I had shorts to wear under a dress, but she said I would need the protection of slacks because the camels were covered in fleas.

After a delightful afternoon on Mykonos (can see why “Jackie O” loved the island), we returned to the ship.

We dressed for dinner and made a stop at the Wooden Horse Bar. After finishing our meal, the waiter was completing his nightly ritual of sweeping table crumbs from each place. He came to me last and when I bragged that I had not dropped any crumbs this time, he promptly gave me a devilish smile and dumped the entire container by my plate. After dinner we went to the theater to see “Buddy-Buddy,” and then to a floor show in the lounge.

A couple of our favorite jokes by the comedian…

“A man went to the doctor complaining of not feeling well. When the doctor asked how often he had sex, the man answered infrequently. The doctor then inquired --- is that a one word or two?”

“A woman had flown all the way to London just to go to their famous zoo. When she went to see the monkeys, the cage was empty, and she asked the zookeeper where they were. He told her they were in the back mating. So disappointed, she told the man how far she’d come and asked him ‘Well if I gave them some peanuts do you think they’d come out?’ The zookeeper replied, ‘Would you?’”

When we left Mykonos about 8:30 PM, the water seemed a little choppy, so was glad a new ear tab had been attached. It seemed to be smoother on our bottom deck than the upper decks --- how great! After midnight buffet and once around the deck we retired about 12:30 PM.