At sea

Slept till 11 AM and dashed out on deck to join Jim. Couldn’t miss the Captain’s bloody-mary and pizza pool party. Just so we wouldn’t starve before the poolside buffet at noon. It was a great day for sunning and poolside games. During “famous couples” game, women were given famous women’s names and the mates of these women were pinned on men. The object was to meet people by looking for your mate. I did feel sorry for Liz Taylor! My tag said Grace Kelly, and a woman came up and grabbed my arm and said “Come with me, I have a man for you.” Of course she took me to the Prince, and we hugged and I asked him where he’d been; that I hadn’t seen him since the wedding.

We chatted with Carol Butler whose husband helped pull the 85 year old woman from the pool. She told us all she knew about what had happened. She and Milt run a hunting lodge in Idaho. She also told us about a couple from Texas that had to leave the cruise because her brother had been shot and killed. He was in business with them and was shot along with four others. The killer had wanted to do away with the man on the ship, and not finding him, shot the others. It was a nice relaxing day except for being uneasy about being buzzed several times by Israeli jets on our way to Egypt.

After dinner and our stroll around the deck, we attended but did not participate in this time, the costume party. There was a lot of good outfits including the winner, Annie and her dog, a padre exclaiming “Oh Hail,” a mummy, and a fallen angel. Jim was talking to Jeff in the night owl lounge later, and noticed there were a few people in there after a day at sea. Jeff commented that it had gone from dead to coma. We had a row with the steward because our room was so hot and nothing had been done!