Weather: Hot, sunny, clear
Place: At Sea enroute to Dominican Republic

After a fantastic breakfast in the main dining room, we strolled the deck and got acquainted with our ship. Next stop, massage parlor, then to My Fair Lady lounge for a talk on shopping. Sunbathing on the deck in the afternoon and a Father's Day lunch on the Veranda Cafe. A trip to the bridge to observe the captain and crew. In the late afternoon we enjoyed a wine and cheese party in the Lounge of the Midnight Sun. Then back on deck for tea and pastries. After a shower and donning formal attire, we attended the Captain's cocktail party. Following was the Captain's Gala French dinner, then an entertaining cruise staff show. At its close the cruise director ended the midnight show with “Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know how to tell you this, but it's time to eat again.” Irene ordered her very first escargots and I was crazy enough to be conned into eating one of them. Never again!